My name is Sam Austin and I’m the councillor for Dartmouth Centre. I’m an urban planner and I decided to run for Council in 2016 to help make Dartmouth and the Halifax Regional Municipality as a whole an even more amazing place to live, work and play. I was re-elected for a second term in October 2020. 

A good councillor is someone who both engages the community and brings ideas to the table. With no political parties to tell councillors what to do, substance matters more than ever in municipal politics. An individual councillor with a good argument and willingness to be brave can make a difference in outcomes at City Hall and in their community. Here on my website you can find summaries of what’s up at Council, my e-newsletters, a summary of the highlights from the last four years, and the commitments I made in the 2020 campaign.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts and ideas about how we can create an even better Dartmouth, so please get in touch on any issue or concern that you might have.