Elections shouldn’t be a period where politicians make promises that are then quickly forgotten. In October 2016, I was elected for a four year term as Councillor for Dartmouth Centre. In the campaign, I identified a series of policy objectives that I believe will make Dartmouth and HRM a better place. Below are the write ups for each. While I am just one vote on our 17 member council, I hope that by 2020 I will be able to report progress in each of these areas.


Choice and Safety
Choice and Safety

Whether you drive, take transit, walk, use a wheelchair or ride a bike, you rely on infrastructure built by HRM. How we choose to get around has a major impact on our lives and is shaped by the options we’re offered. We can build a transportation network that is good for the economy, the environment and our quality of life. We need a network that offers choice and safety. To find out more click here

Downtown Dartmouth:

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Continue Downtown’s Revitalization

After several difficult decades, Downtown Dartmouth is thriving again. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the future of our Downtown. We need to continue attracting new residents and businesses and we need support our community’s growth by providing the amenities and services. Most of all, we need to ensure that the right plans are in place to guide development. To find out more click here


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Clear Plans and Affordable Housing

Decisions made at City Hall determines what gets built in our community. We need new development, but we also need to protect our existing neighbourhoods and provide for the most vulnerable in our society. We need clear and consistent plans that are supported by the community and upheld by council and we need to take action to provide afforable housing. To find out more click here

Parks and Recreation:

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A Green City and Needed Rec Facilities

Dartmouth is rich in green space. Having parks in our neighbourhoods, clean lakes and places nearby to experience nature is part of what makes living here so wonderful. We’re also very lucky to have recreational facilities that make a difference in people’s day-to-day lives. We need to protect our community’s natural beauty and ensure we have the facilities and programs to meet our needs. To find out more click here

Arts and Culture:

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A Vibrant Arts and Culture Scene

The arts and culture sector is part of the human experience. The arts help create a healthy community and a strong economy. We need to support them by providing space and funding. We also need to celebrate our history and community identity. Dartmouth has a story that’s worth telling. We need to rebuild our lost museum and expand HRM’s placemaking program. To find out more click here