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The arts are a necessary ingredient for a healthy community. They are our part of our fundamental expression as individuals and as a society. Arts aren’t just about enriching our own lives though, they also bring economic benefits, both directly and indirectly. Having a strong arts scene is part of what makes a city attractive for new residents and businesses and allows it to complete in the global economy. We need to foster and support our artistic community.

• Increase Arts funding to the national average as identified in the Hill Strategies Report and as recommended by the Special Arts and Culture Advisory Committee
• More murals to enliven our streets and add vitality to our community (Glasgow, Scotland is a great example of doing a lot with just a little)
• Ensure public art is a component in municipal projects
• Encourage private developers to incorporate public art in their projects
• Support the Friends of the Khyber and the 1588 Barrington Society’s efforts to restore the Khyber as an arts and culture space


Dartmouth is a unique place with its own history and strong community pride. Unfortunately, we don’t do a great job of telling our own stories. Dartmouth had a history museum, but it was lost with amalgamation. The museum’s collection still exists in storage in Burnside. Council has dedicated the funds from the sale of Old City Hall to create new museum near Alderney Landing. We need to continue to work to make that a reality. We also need to do a better job of marking our historic sites and celebrating our communities.

• Continue to develop plans for a new Heritage Museum in Downtown Dartmouth
• More interpretative panels to tell our own history where it actually happened
• Complete historic interpretation of the Shubienacadie Canal and Starr Manufacturing Plant in the Canal Greenway Park
• Celebrate local identity and pride through an expanded placemaking program