Have a question, concern or issue? Get in touch.

HRM Call Centre

For most routine municipal issues, HRM’s call centre is the best place to start. You can reach the call centre by dialing 311 between 7am and 11pm any day of the week. You can also report problems online here


For City Hall business you can reach me at 902-579-6814 or by email sam.austin@halifax.ca

My Office

My office coordinator is Michelle Doucet. Michelle can be reached at 902-490-6982 or by email doucetmi@halifax.ca. Michelle runs my schedule and is the best one to speak to if you would like to arrange a phone call or meeting. Michelle can also field routine issues.


Once a year I will send a print newsletter to District 5. My e-newsletter is a more frequent monthly update. You can sign up for my mailing list on the right hand side of the screen.


PO Box 1749 Halifax, NS B3J 3A5

Social Media

I’m active on facebook and twitter. You can tweet or message me on either platform. I find twitter and facebook a great place for discussion and engagement, but less useful for reporting issues. It’s too easy to forget or miss a tweet or lose a facebook notification. If you have a concern that you want me to follow up on, email is best way to get in touch.