Dartmouth Common Youtube 1Dartmouth is a place rich in green space and we have even more to cherish in the wider Region. Having parks in our neighbourhoods, clean lakes and places nearby to experience nature is part of what makes living here so wonderful. We’re also very lucky to have facilities in our community, like the Sportsplex and Findlay Centre, that make a difference in people’s day-to-day lives. We need to protect our community’s natural beauty and ensure we have the right recreational facilities and programs to meet our needs.


The Beautiful Dartmouth Common
The Beautiful Dartmouth Common

Dartmouth is very lucky to have several signature parks including the Common, Shubie, Sullivan’s Pond, the waterfront and beautiful neighbourhood spaces like Victoria Park, Penhorn Lake and Albro Lake. Our parks enrich our community. We need to make sure they’re accessible, that they have amenities, that they’re funded appropriately and that the wider community is engaged in planning and taking care of them.

• Restore the parks budget
• Invest in missing elements at our major parks such as lighting and washrooms
• Better transportation access by transit and bike to parks and beaches
• Support the provision of public art in our parks
• Encourage citizen stewardship. We can do amazing things together! (Skateboard park, Park Avenue Oven, Dragonfly Memorial, Moir Garden, Kiwanis Playground etc)

The Natural World:

First Kayak with my Daughter on Lake Banook
First Kayak with my Daughter on Lake Banook

Dartmouth’s many lakes and the close proximity of beaches and forests is part of what makes living here special. There are very few Canadian cities that can offer a similar experience of having nature right on their doorstep. It’s something that is worth protecting. We can take better care of our lakes, restore Dartmouth’s lost Sawmill River and protect nearby wilderness areas from urban sprawl through good planning.

• Create new park space and restore the Shubienacadie Lakes ecosystem by daylighting Sawmill River
• Bring back water quality monitoring
• Encourage the creation of community groups, like the Oathill Lake Society, to protect Dartmouth’s lakes
• Ensure the Regionally significant Blue Mountain Birch Cove Park is created without sacrificing its pristine lakes and wilderness to development
• Create a greenbelt around the urban area to preserve important natural spaces and limit sprawl (Green Network Plan)


Concept Plan for Sportsplex Reno
Concept Plan for Sportsplex Reno

Having places where people can exercise, participate in sports, experience cultural activities or just meet neighbours creates a healthy and engaged community. It’s an investment that pays for itself many times over. We need to make sure that we have the right facilities and that they are accessible to as many people as possible.

• Support the Sportsplex modernization
• Retain the Findlay Centre
• Complete Dartmouth’s new 4-pad Rink
• Maintain Lake Banook’s status as a premier canoe/kayak/paddling course
• Investigate options for retaining Dartmouth North’s Grey Arena
• Ensure that recreational programs remains affordable, particularly for low-income families who might otherwise not be able to participate
• Support our libraries role as community hubs

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