E-News June 2018


Alderney Gate Pedway Revitalization Project
If you’ve been down to Alderney this month, you’ve probably noticed that the Pedway is under construction. The space is being renovated and when work is complete it’ll boast new interior finishes, three gathering spaces, accessible seating, improved air conditioning, and an overall enhanced open and airy public space. A lot of the work will take place overnight from midnight to 5:00 am. The Pedway will remain open during construction with an accessible route through at all times. The project is expected to be completed in late 2018.

The Pedway revitalization means we will say shortly say goodbye to the iconic, pink and teal, bubble lettering “Welcome to Dartmouth” sign. Since this piece may have some nostalgia value, HRM is considering auctioning the sign off with proceeds to be donated to a local charity. Details to follow. A new welcome sign will be installed at the bottom of the escalator to greet passengers disembarking from the ferry.

For more information on the Pedway project visit the project site here.

Cross-section on Mount Hope showing new Greenway for cyclists and pedestrians

New Active Transportation Route in Woodside
I’m pleased to share that the major active transportation project in District 5 is out to tender: a new Greenway in the Woodside Industrial Park. The Woodside Industrial Park is from a different era. It was built with no sidewalks or provisions for cyclists, which means HRM is stuck retrofitting what should have been done from the get-go. Several of the roads in the Industrial Park are in poor condition and Mount Hope Avenue, Estates Road, and Atlantic Street are due to be repaved. Rather than replicate the streets as is, HRM is improving the design for all road users by incorporating a Greenway through the Industrial Park. The new 1.2 km Greenway fills an important gap by linking the Portland trails, Baker Drive Greenway and Mount Hope Greenway to the Woodside Ferry Terminal and the Harbour Trail. It will give both pedestrians and cyclist a space that is consistently separated from road traffic and greatly expand the existing active transportation network in Dartmouth. Construction should begin in the next few weeks/months depending on the contractor who wins the tender.

New Greenway in the Woodside Industrial Park (route marked in green). Connecting Mount Hope Greenway to Woodside Ferry and Harbour Trail

Tree Planting
It has been a busy spring tree planting season in District 5. Crews have been out on Pleasant Street, Prince Albert Road, Wyse Road and on many side streets putting the next generation of street trees in the ground. The tree planting is being carried out by HRM as part of the Urban Forest Master Plan. The Urban Forest Plan was adopted by Council in 2012 and its goal is to expand the tree canopy in HRM and ensure our trees are well managed. The reason to put all of this emphasis on planting trees is because of the many positive benefits that they provide including:

  1. increased property values
  2. removal of pollutants and greenhouse gas from the air
  3. traffic calming (people drive slower when trees cover the road)
  4. reduction in the urban heat island effect and thereby reduction in energy usage
  5. reduction in noise pollution
  6. stormwater control
  7. wildlife habitat and
  8. improved physical/mental well being.

As part of the Urban Forestry Plan, staff identified tens of thousands of spaces alongside our roadways in HRM that could be planted with trees. The planting you see each spring and fall is the implementation of that plan as HRM fills up right-of-way spaces. HRM is committed in the Plan to better maintenance too. It has been shown that preventative maintenance has an upfront cost, but pays for itself over the long-term. HRM’s goal is to visit every tree every seven years to hopefully catch issues before the arise.

Park Avenue Cherry Trees. Photo: Stephen Cushing

One area of new trees that was planted this year that I’m particularly pleased to see is new cherry trees on Park Avenue. Park Avenue’s row of blooming cherry trees is a celebrated hallmark of spring here in Dartmouth. It’s a local landmark. Unfortunately, the existing cherry trees are old and are in the latter stage of their life. A few have died over the last few years. By doing some succession planting now, HRM will, hopefully, ensure that Park Avenue’s spring show continues on for future generations to enjoy.

Cancer Survivors Daffodil Park
Dartmouth residents Jim and Judie Edgar are working to establish a Cancer Survivors Daffodil Park along the Dartmouth Harbourwalk, near King’s Wharf and the grove of Maples. The intent of the park is to provide a green space to enjoy nature and connect with survivors and friends and families of those affected by cancer. A tribute to the living, the park feature is meant to give hope and courage to the many people that survive this disease and will continue to do so. I have met with Jim and Judie and I believe the Survivors Park could be a great addition to the Harbourwalk. To find out more information, or to donate, visit the Canadian Cancer Society site here.

Pickleball on the Dartmouth Common. Photo: Gretchen Pohlkamp

Parks and Recreation Enhancements
With the summer season upon us, I’m pleased to share that there are number of minor projects underway in our Parks in District 5. Fans of Pickleball will have some additional locations to choose from this season as lines are being added to one of the two courts at Northbrook Park and at the court on the Common across from the Sportsplex. On the Common, a tender is currently out for a swing to accompany the new playground next to the Skateboard Park, additional paths will be paved (Dahlia Street entrance), and routine work will continue on restoring the stone walls. Trail work has been completed at Grahams Grove (Dragonboat access and parking lot connection to Banook Greenway) and the pedestrian bridges in Northbrook Park will also receive attention.

The largest park project, the replica Flume House in the Canal Greenway, is nearing completion with landscapping work due to be complete by the end of the month. The giant pile of dirt in the lower half of the Greenway will be spread around and the area grassed over to make the space into a proper Park while staff sort out what Phase 2 of the Sawmill River project will look like. Parks and Rec has a lot of ground to cover, but they generally do a good job. If you notice any maintenance issues while out and about in our Parks, please call it into 311.

The Public Gardens Agave

Plant of the Month
HRM Parks is launching a Plant of the Month program for the summer at the Public Gardens. The Public Gardens stays true to its Victorian origins in displaying an array of tropical plants from all over the world. These exotics spend the winter in the greenhouse on Sackville Street and are planted out once the summer sun arrives. The Plant of the Month program will celebrate the Garden’s mission to present rare plants to residents and visitors. Look for the Plant of the Month on Facebook and twitter @hfxrec.

HRM will have several Plant of the Months this year, but there is also a “Plant of the Century” at the Public Gardens: the agave. The agave’s common name, Century Plant, comes from the fact that it takes an agave decades to flower. Once it flowers, it produces seeds, and dies. One of the agave’s at the Public Gardens started to flower earlier this year, quickly outgrowing the greenhouse. The gardeners had to rush it outside while it was still chilly out. They did their best to protect the agave from the elements, but it has been an open question ever since as to whether it will flower. A few weeks ago all looked lost, but the agave has started growing the flower stalk again. Garden staff can’t say for sure whether it will flower or not, but with any luck, we’ll see a flower on a shorter-than expected stem. You can find the agave just down from the Goose pen.

Halifax Water Odour Complaints
While the warm summer season sends everyone outdoors, it also can be a challenging season for our wastewater system. During dryspells, sewage can stagnate in pipes, producing an unpleasant odour. If you notice a smell this season, you can call Halifax Water at 902-420-9287. Halifax Water does respond to issues that are identified (deodorizer, cleaning catch basin, flushing etc)..

The Macdonald Bridge. Photo: HHBC

Big Lift Strikes Back
The Big Lift returns at the end of June. Halifax Harbour Bridges will need to close the Macdonald Bridge to complete work, which will include the installation of platforms under the Bridge deck for maintenance workers. Closures will begin again July 3. You can view the schedule on the Bridge Commission’s website here.

Pleasant-Woodside Neighbourhood Association
The Pleasant-Woodside Neighbourhood Association seeks to involve residents, businesses and local institutions in improving the area from Old Ferry Road to Acadia Street. The Association has over 200 members and welcomes more. They’re working on a number of projects including an annual clean up, an initiative to support good development along the Pleasant Street corridor, and a push for the completion of the trail between the two ferry terminals. Neighbourhood meetings are held three times a year. You can check out the Association on facebook or reach them by email at pleasantwoodside@gmail.com.

Council Updates:

To keep you better informed about what is going on at Council, I’m writing a regular blog after each meeting. Each of my entries is about what I saw as noteworthy from a District 5 perspective and my views on the issues. We might not always agree, but I think it’s important to provide a record of how I voted and why.

Council Update May 22
The most important element on the May 22 meeting for District 5 was the Province and HRM’s tentative agreement to look at a redesign of the intersection of Lancaster/Woodland. Other important items were the sale of the Khyber, and the upcoming community services bus pass. Read about it here

Council Update June 5
Reviewing the Cogswell Plan dominated the June 5 agenda. Council also looked at side guards on garbage trucks and whether the United Memorial Church on Kaye Street in North End Halifax should be a registered heritage property. Read about it here


Photo: Jane Schlosberg

Thursdays, 7:30 – 10:00 pm
Ferry Terminal Park
The Folkdancers’ Association of Nova Scotia is moving their regular Thursday evening dance from the Christian Reformed Church on Robie to the plaza by the Ferry Terminal for the summer. A chance to experience traditional dance from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey. Dancing is weather permitting.

Dartmouth Heritage Museum
Summer Hours
Evergreen House (26 Newcastle) and Quaker House (57 Ochterloney)
At the beginning of June the Dartmouth Heritage Museum switched to its extended summer hours. Both Quaker House and Evergreen House are now open six days a week. The Museum is also offering two-for-one admission all summer long, allowing visitors entry into both locations on a single ticket. Admission is $5 for adults, and free for museum members and children under 12.

Tea at Evergreen House
Fridays through to August 31, 1:30 and 3:00 pm
Evergreen House, 26 Newcastle
The Dartmouth Heritage Museum is once again offering tea time for the summer on Fridays. Come experience a classic Victorian pastime at Evergreen House. The menu includes freshly baked cookies and scones complete with jam, cream cheese, and, of course, piping hot tea. Tea will be served in the Green Parlour at Evergreen overlooking Halifax Harbour. Two sittings – 1:30 and 3:00 pm. Tickets are $12 for adults and $5 for children. They can be purchased online or by calling 902-464-2300. Space is limited for each sitting so reservations are recommended. Visit www.dartmouthheritagemuseum.ns.ca for more information.

9 to 5: The Musical at Dartmouth Players
June 7-23
Dartmouth Players, 33 Crichton Ave, Dartmouth
Join Dartmouth Players June 7-23 on a raucous trip back to 1979. Based on the movie of the same name, this sassy and sexy musical is packed with Dolly Parton tunes. This outrageous musical is a hilarious caper following three women who exact revenge against their sexist, egotistical liar of a boss. Wall to wall laughs, catchy music and a heart the size of Texas. Tickets are $17-$19 and are available at www.ticketpro.ca, by phone at 1-888-311-9090, or in person at the Alderney Landing box office.

Truck Stop by Machine de Cirque
Wednesday, June 20, 1:00pm and 7:00pm
Alderney Landing Events Plaza, 2 Ochterloney Street
The acrobatic circus show “Truck Stop: The Great Journey” by Machine De Cirque. When their caravan rolls into town, buckle up for a breathtaking trip across the country with high-flying spectacle, music and many surprises. Quebec-based Machine de cirque performs at 1:00 pm (40 minute show) and 7:00 pm (50 minute show) at Alderney Landing. Both shows are free. Seating is limited so bring your own chair and dress for the weather.

Make Music Day
Thursday, June 21, 2018, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Alderney Landing, 2 Ochterloney Street
Dartmouth Ferry Terminal, 88 Alderney Drive
Quaker House, 57 Ochterloney Street
Completely different from a typical music festival, Make Music Day is a worldwide celebration. The event encourages musicians, young and old, amateur and professional, of every persuasion takes to streets, parks, plazas and porches to share their music with friends, neighbours, and strangers. Find musicians at Alderney Landing, Dartmouth Ferry Terminal, and Quaker House as well as at select locations in Downtown Halifax and North End Halifax.

The Dog Days of Dartmouth
June 22 – June 23
Downtown Dartmouth
The Dog Days of Dartmouth is a two-part event on June 22 and 23 in Downtown Dartmouth featuring the “Tennis Ball Scavenger Hunt” on June 22 and “Barks in the Park” on June 23. Proceeds from this year’s Dog Days will be going to Nova Scotia SPCA Dartmouth Shelter.

The Tennis Ball Scavenger Hunt, June 22, 7:00 -9:00 pm
Starting at King’s Wharf, you’ll be given a booklet of riddles taking you through the streets of Downtown Dartmouth. Solve the riddles, and collect tennis balls as you progress. Once you’ve solved the riddles and collected all your tennis balls, return them to King’s Wharf for a special treat for your furry friend. Entry fee for the tennis ball scavenger hunt is $5 per dog.

Barks in the Park, June 23, 3:00 – 7:00 pm
Barks in the Park is a dog friendly day at the Park Avenue Community Oven filled with awesome dog activities, food, music, and lots of furry fun. There will be a doggy art project, special dog treats, food (for the humans) and so much more. Entry to this event is by donation.

Makers Swap – Life.School.House
Sunday, June 23, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
315 Portland Street
Hey Makers of things! Life.School.House is going to host a monthly meetup and swap so that makers can spend some time together as a community outside of classes. You can bring pickles and leave with homemade jam, or maybe bring art and leave with plants. Check out Life.School.House on Facebook for further details.

Mural Unveiling North Woodside Community Centre
Sunday, June 24, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
North Woodside Community Centre, 230 Pleasant Street
The North Woodside Community Centre will be revealing a new mural. Inspired by the Centre’s history and the activities that occur inside, the mural will run the length of the building along the parking lot, sprucing up the drab concrete. Free refreshments will be served.

Irish Ceili Dance
Sunday, June 24, 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Christ Church, Ochterloney Street
A family friendly ceili hosted by the Alba Nuadh Ceili band of the Lydian School of Music. Dancing will be led by Elizabeth MacDonald. Admission is $5 – $10 and proceeds are in support of the School’s upcoming trip to the Willie Clancy Summer School in Ireland.

Demetrous Lane Community Clean Up
Friday June 29, 11:00 am
27 Demetrous Lane
Come support and encourage community pride and leadership in Dartmouth North. The Lane’s 10th annual community clean up is being organized by the Take Action Society. Celebtration BBQ and prizes to follow the clean up.

Dartmouth North Outdoor Library Unveiling
Friday June 29, 2:00 pm
Dartmouth North Library
Come celebrate the completion of the Dartmouth North Outdoor Library project. Food, activities and entertainment.

2018 EPIC Canadian
June 29 – July 1
Graham’s Grove Park
The largest multi-sport event in Eastern Canada, EPIC is once again kicking off Canada Day in Dartmouth. EPIC is the first Canadian event in the Global Swim Series, and the largest Canada Day weekend running event in the country! It also includes and after party with live music and fireworks. Visit http://epiccanadian.ca/ for more information.

Canada Day Eve Music and Arts Celebration
Saturday, June 30, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Portland Street (closed to traffic from King to Alderney) and Ferry Terminal Park/Dartmouth waterfront
This street party will involve free family art activities, free performances from Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo and acrobats, Hal-Con characters and much more.
In the case of rain, the event will be moved inside at Alderney Landing.

Canada Day Celebrations
Sunday, July 1
Celebrate Canada Day with a program of events spanning Halifax and Dartmouth that honours our Nation’s history, diversity, and future. With a wide variety of free events and interactive celebrations, this Canada Day will offer something for everyone. Put on your finest red and white and prepare for a full day of fun, ending with the largest free concert and fireworks of the year on the Dartmouth waterfront at Alderney Landing.

  • Dartmouth Crossing Canada Day Kick-Off with Live Music, Giveaways, and Fireworks
  • Alderney Pancake Breakfast
  • Halifax Pancake Breakfast Presented by Pepsi
  • Citadel Hill Official Ceremony
  • Sullivans Pond Dartmouth Band Concert
  • Halifax Public Gardens Concert
  • Halifax Commons Family Fun Zone
  • Interactive Art and Educational Zones
  • Free Canada Day Concert featuring Allan Rayman, Mo Kenney, T. Thomason, Alfie, and Scratch Bastid
  • Fireworks display over Halifax Harbour

Details regarding parking, transit and other municipal program and service level adjustments will be announced prior to Canada Day. For more information and a complete list of events visit http://hrmcanadaday.ca/ and follow the municipality’s Civic Events on Twitter via @hfxcivicevents, or Facebook at HFX Civic Events. Hashtag #HFXCanadaDay

“New to You” Flea Market and BBQ
July 7, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
North Woodside Community Centre, 230 Pleasant Street
Come shop the large collection of used goods and crafts at the North Woodside Community Centre’s New to You flea market. They’ll also be a backyard BBQ with bouncy castle, face painting and lawn games. Admission is $1 (free for children under 12). Tables can be booked for $10. For more information, call 902-463-9276 or email eventsnwcc@bellaliant.com

E.T. Outdoor Movie
July 8, 8:00 pm
Christ Church, 61 Dundas
Come watch the classic Speillburg movie, E.T. outdoors at Christ Church. All are welcome. Free, but a donation to the church’s food bank would be greatly appreciated. Future screenings later in the summer include the sing-a-long version of the Sounds of Music and the Princess Bride.

Open Water Swim hosted by Dartmouth Crusaders
July 10, 12, 17, 19, and 24, 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Albro Lake
Come try open water swimming with the Dartmouth Crusaders. Learn some skills and build your fitness. A great free opportunity for youth and adults to try it out.


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