Engaging Dartmouth Centre

My latest campaign policy video is out! It’s a bit of a behind the scenes trip to my home office to talk engagement. Engagement is something I have worked really hard on over the last four years. I launched my Council blog to share what is happening at City Hall and my particular stance on the issues of the day. I started an e-newsletter to cover the non-Council related municipal news in District 5. I have maintained an active presence on social media so that anyone can reach out and ask me a question or share feedback. I post my daily schedule for everyone who wants to know what I’m working on. Finally, I launched participatory budgeting to give everyone an opportunity to have input in how District 5’s capital funds are spent. Together, we’ve awarded over $150,000 to various groups.

Engagement has been a lot of work, (I have written the equivalent of a book or two), but I think it has been very important work. My philosophy is that, although we may disagree from time-to-time, you should never be left wondering why something happened. HRM and I are also not infallible. The feedback that has resulted from all my efforts sometimes reveals perspectives and problems that were missed, giving HRM and I a chance to correct. It has changed outcomes. I will continue working not just for you, but with you over the next four years.


  1. Great video, Sam! The Picard action figure is my favourite part of your home office 🙂 Looking forward to casting my ballot!

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