News: LED Street Lighting

March 18, 2017 – HRM’s LED street light conversion progam has arrived in District 5. Over the next several weeks crews will be out replacing the old sodium lights with much more efficient LEDs. The conversion has been mandated by the Province through the Energy Efficiency Appliance Act, which requires every municipality in Nova Scotia to switch to LED by the end of 2022.

LED street lights are up to 50% more efficient than the old sodium lights and have the potential to deliver significant savings in maintenance costs. They are warranted for 10 years and could be maintenance free for 20. The estimated savings are up to $5 million a year. HRM is also installing controllers on each light, which will allow them to be monitored remotely. The days of calling 311 to report a broken light are likely over as the system should self-report. There is also the possibility of dimming the lights remotely at certain hours.

You can read more about the LED conversion project on HRM’s website here

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  1. Excellent, I am impressed with the savings to HRM. It is well worth the conversion cost.

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