Participatory Budget 2019 Results

It was a good crowd out at the Findlay Community Centre for this evening’s participatory budget vote. In total, 423 people cast ballots to determine how $50,000 in district funds are allocated. Results, in order, are listed below:

  1. Bicentennial School Music Program $8,500
    The Bicentennial School Music Program, operating out of Bicentennial School, regularly holds coffee houses, talent shows, band, music, guitar club, performance choirs, and an annual musical production. The Program is requesting $8,500 toward improvements to the school’s stage, including stage curtains, tracks, and lighting.
  2. Oakwood Terrace Recreation Department $4,000
    Oakwood Terrace is a not-for-profit long-term care facility that provides geriatric care to seniors. They are requesting $4,000 toward the cost of a new digital piano, to replace their existing aging model. The new piano will benefit residents of Oakwood Terrace, as well as community groups such as fiddle, dance, and church groups, cubs, sparks and school groups, who use the multipurpose room to entertain and practice.
  3. Banook Canoe Club $5,000
    Banook Canoe Club is a non-profit paddling organization, blending high-performance training with recreational programs. The Club is requesting $5,000 toward the purchase of 8 mini-kayaks to support current and new programming for youth.
  4. Common Roots Farm $5,000
    Common Roots-Woodside is an urban farm and community garden on the grounds of the Nova Scotia Hospital. Common Roots is a project of the non-profit MetroWorks Employment Assoc. Common Roots-Woodside uses gardening as a way to promote physical and mental health. They are requesting $5,000 for materials to frame community garden plots and to create seating for the garden area.
  5. Maritime Pollinator Society $1,128
    The Maritime Pollinator Society is a non-profit society created to support projects aimed at helping pollinating insects. Their first project is the Downtown Dartmouth Monarch Project, which grows swamp milkweed plants – the only plant eaten by the monarch caterpillar – and gives them to local gardeners. The Society is requesting $1,128.35 for a three-tier seedling stand, trays and peat moss pellets to increase production of swamp milkweed plants.
  6. Senobe Aquatic Club $5,000
    Senobe Aquatic Club is a non-profit paddling club which provides competitive and recreational paddling programs for children, youth, and adults who want to take part in the sport of paddling. The Club is requesting $5,000 toward the cost of a shelter and equipment for summer day camp participants.
  7. Dartmouth Crossing Speed Skating Club $10,000
    The Dartmouth Crossing Speed Skating Club was established in 2016 to bring speed skating back to Dartmouth through the opportunity presented by the inclusion of an Olympic-size ice surface in the four-pad arena RBC Centre in Burnside. The Club is requesting $10,000 toward the acquisition of safety pads so that skaters can train safely.
  8. St. George’s Tennis Club $10,000
    St. George’s Tennis Club is a non-profit community recreation facility with a five-court tennis club focusing on youth and adult lessons and recreational play. The Club is requesting $10,000 toward the costs of upgrades to washroom facilities.
  9. Mic Mac AAC $1,372 (partial award)
    Mic Mac Amateur Aquatic Club is a non-profit organization that fosters community involvement and personal growth through social, recreational, and athletic endeavors. The Club is requesting $10,000 toward the cost of roof repairs.

Thanks to everyone who came out and many thanks to the hardworking staff in the Council Support Office who volunteered their time to make the evening a success, especially my coordinator Jenn Weagle who did the organizational heavy-lifting. Thank you all.


  1. Good job Sam and city staff. Hopefully other charities are encouraged by this year’s results and they participate in the process next year. I know a number of charities who could benefit from this process but unfortunately they don’t apply.

  2. I love they way this participatory budget brings the community together to celebrate the creative ways our lives are being enhanced by the great grassroot services to all.

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