Participatory Budgeting November 7

Participatory Budgeting in District 7

Participatory Budgeting:

I’m excited to be launching Participatory Budgeting in District 5. My Participatory Budgeting process will allow residents to have a direct say in how $50,000 of our $94,000 District Capital Fund is spent. I’m pleased to report that there has been significant interest. A total of 19 non-profit community groups have submitted their ideas and we’re now just under a week away from voting night on November 7. All applications support HRM’s mandate to encourage healthy, livable communities, social development and engagement.

The next step is up to you, please join us for the Participatory Budgeting Vote Night on November 7th at the Findlay Community Centre. Residents of all ages are invited to check out the projects that are requesting funding and cast their votes for their favourites. Voting is open to all District 5 residents of all ages. Stop by anytime between 6:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. to cast your vote.  The community groups will be on hand Science Fair style to explain more about their projects and woo your vote. Here is a short preview of the projects in alphabetical order:

The List:

Back to our Roots Urban Farm 

The Back to our Roots Urban Farm aims to create a therapeutic and educational environment through gardening. They have over 70 community plots and the demand is continuing to grow. They are requesting $2,595 to expand their community garden and add accessible plots to allow more people to participate.


Back to the Sea Society

The Back to the Sea Society provides touch tank programs for community events and youth organizations that foster curiosity and appreciation for marine life and our oceans. Their touch tank is currently based out of Alderney Landing. They are requesting $10,000 to purchase a second hand vehicle that will allow them to bring these interactive programs to more people and effectively transport and care for the live animals.


Banook Canoe Club

The Banook Canoe Club are requesting $10,000 for renovations to their club house. The club provides recreation opportunities and a competitive canoeing and kayaking environment. If they are successful the grant will be put towards upgrading the hall and ceiling lighting and exterior wall with shingling and painting so the club can continue their tradition of community involvement and development of future leaders.


Bench Bullying 

Bench Bullying’s goal is to spread awareness of the effects of bullying as well as supporting those who have been affected by bullying. They are requesting $2,000 for office equipment that will allow them to expand and improve their school tour program, community events and maintain their website.


Bicentennial Home and School Committee

The Bicentennial Home and School Committee are requesting $10,000 for the replacement of their 17 year old playground. The playground is located adjacent to the Dartmouth Commons and is well used by the school children and the community at large. The new playground would be more accessible and provide a safe and welcoming place for kids to play. 


Christ Church 

Christ Church are celebrating their 200th anniversary this year. The church has become a community hub by hosting concerts, movie nights, markets and food and clothing ministries and much more. They are requesting $8,300 to install an automatic door to make the facility more accessible for the many groups that use this facility.


City of Lakes Boxing Club 

The City of Lakes Boxing Club are hoping to expand their programming and partner with community groups such as the Parkinson’s Society and Heart and Stroke Society. They are requesting $10,000 for the purchase of new exercise equipment that will support their programs and allow them to provide recreation opportunities for Dartmouth residents that may not have had the opportunity in the past.


City of Lakes Horseshoe Club 

The City of Lakes Horseshoe Club operates at a 16 pit court at the Findlay Centre. The pits have deteriorated over time and the club are requesting $3,000 to reconstruct these pits and open the door for maritime and national tournaments.


Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club 

The Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club is aiming to launch an “Open Water Swim -Try It” program next summer and have requested $4,400 from the District Capital Fund for the safety equipment and shelter required. The program will introduce swimmers aged 13 – 17 to the emerging sport of Open Water Swimming.


Dartmouth Dragon Boat Association 

The Dartmouth Dragon Boat Association promotes and fosters dragon boat paddling in HRM. They are requesting $10,000 to construct an accessible path to the dragon boat dock in Graham’s Grove Park. This path will benefit their program participants as well as the many members of the public who use the park and dock.


Dartmouth Heritage Museum 

The Dartmouth Heritage Museum are requesting $1,500 to upgrade their gardens at the historic Quaker Houses to create an accessible and beautiful public space. The funds would be used to cultivate the gardens, add seating and garbage and recycling receptacles.


MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning 

The MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning are seeking $8,914.80 towards musical and art equipment that would be used to enrich their programs. They aim to eliminate the barriers faced by many young people in accessing creative learning opportunities and this new equipment will allow them to continue to offer high-quality inspiring programs for youth ages 12 – 19.


Mic Mac Amateur Aquatic Club 

The Mic Mac AAC provides paddling programs for all ages. They host over 130 youth ages 5 – 13 each day over the summer season. The club are requesting $10,000 to replace an unsafe out-building with a more accessible and functional shed and fabric sails that will protect athletes and visitors from the heat.


North Star Rowing Club 

The North Star Rowing Club are requesting $10,000 for the construction of a new boathouse that will allow them to expand their community based programming including youth and para programs. They are the only fully wheelchair accessible rowing facility in Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia Nature Trust

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust aim to promote and protect Nova Scotia’s most unique and outstanding natural areas through land conservation. They are looking to renovate their building hub to be a leader in environmental construction and accessibility for the public. They are requesting $10,000 to complete renovations that will allow the building to become a space where people can come and learn about sustainability and greening urban spaces and participate in Nature Trust programs.


“Our Daily Bread” Seventh Day Adventist Soup Kitchen

The Seventh Day Adventist Soup Kitchen aims to feed the hungry, poor and needy without exclusion. Many of the patrons the soup kitchen serves have mobility issues so they are requesting $10,000 to make their services more accessible by installing a platform lift. 


Saint Paul Parish 

The Saint Paul Parish church hall is used for community social events and hosts many local groups. They are requesting $10,000 to make their hall more accessible to all community members by installing a chair lift for at their main entrance.

Senobe Aquatic Club
Senobe Aquatic Club offers a comprehensive program of recreational, pre-competitive and competitive paddling for all ages and abilities. The Club is requesting $10,000 to help cover the cost of a new war canoe. War canoe is a critical part of Senobe’s programming and is raced at every regatta in every age group. Senobe hosts a “paddle all” program that allows children and adults with disabilities to participate.

Shubenacadie Canal Commission 

The Shubenacadie Canal Commission are looking to provide more information and direct residents and visitors to check out the fascinating history and opportunities of our canal system with wayfinding and interpretive signage. They are requesting $10,000 to install this signage that will showcase this historical and recreational asset.


If you have any questions, contact my Coordinator Laura Nooyen at or 902-490-6982.


  1. I like all these projects. Split the money up. If the project is asking a specific amount eg Historical Society, then I presume they have done their homework and would give what they ask if possible. The boat clubs have an income source, so I would divide what remains equally after the other projects are sorted out. Wow! What a decision to have to make!

  2. Is anybody doing anything to improve bike/walking paths? The overpass on Portland St. near the Sobie’s and the now closed Penhorn Mall is treacherous. We need a safe way to cross the this overpass. If this problem was fixed it would link Russel Lake parkland with Manor Park, and Shubie and well as Lake Banook. Promoting outdoor exercise is vital because these activities are for everyone. Thank you for considering this important development opportunity.

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