Racism in Dartmouth

Rally in Halifax. Photo: CTV

This is not an easy post to write. I don’t have good news to share. Last week, I became aware of a vile incident of hatred that occurred in District 5. The word “noose” was spray-painted onto a Nova Scotia Power Pole in front of a person of colour’s home. This was deliberate in its targeting and designed to terrorize and intimidate. No one should have to feel afraid for themselves and their family because of the colour of their skin. It was a vile act and is totally unacceptable.

After the graffiti was reported, Nova Scotia Power was quick to respond. The graffiti was removed early the very next day. Halifax Police are in contact with the family, and are investigating. I have spoken with the family several times and they don’t wish to be identified publicly. They did, however, agree that there is value in letting the community at large know what happened. I would ask that their privacy be respected.

Sadly, this isn’t the only incident in the last month that has been brought to my attention. Another family who has a Black Lives Matter sign in their window received a hateful letter in the mail objecting to their sign and expressing truly despicable sentiments about Black Nova Scotians.

I’m sharing all of this today because it’s important to recognize that racism hasn’t gone away and to let people know what’s going on in our community. It’s easy to not be aware of how prevalent overt racism still is if you look like me. Before I was elected, it wasn’t part of my life – none of my friends, family or work colleagues expressed racist sentiments. Being elected changed that because Council periodically receives racist correspondence. It’s impossible to underestimate the flaws that still exist in our society in elected office because reminders arrive somewhat regularly in letters, and emails.

We should all be aware that racism hasn’t gone away. That’s why I’m writing this. It’s not just Trump, it’s not a rural problem, it exists right here in Dartmouth. We can’t turn a blind eye. If you see overtly racist signs or actions in our community please report them. If someone you know expresses racist sentiments call them out on it. Racism isn’t innate, it’s learned. It needs to be socially unacceptable.

Also, if you have any information about the graffiti, please call police non-emergency at 902-490-5020 to report it. HRP would very much like to speak to the person who is spreading hatred and threatening our fellow citizens.


  1. This makes me angry and sad. We live in such a good place so why the hatred? I can’t understand that.

  2. Well, there’s a hell’s angels affiliated biker gang headquartered in your district. By tolerating that, we breeds this. No coincidence whose booth that racist political party set up next to @ last year’s twitch.

    • I really doubt Hell’s Angels are immature enough to spray paint a power pole! Whoever is behind this is ignorant, uneducated, immature coward!

      • These are not hell’s angels members, they are affiliated with them. They are holding turf for them in case the hell’s angels want to return. They are just local trash, whose hang-abouts are very capable of this sort of thing.

    • I strongly disagree that Hell’s Angels are responsible for this in fact they improved the neighborhoods they move into just ask the People of Porters Lake. Crime went down when they were there.

      • you’re a fool if you think a biker gang improves the neighborhood they move into. They do public relations like any other organized mobsters do to try to soften their image while they’re dealing hard drugs and killing people behind the scenes.

  3. Perhaps we should take a leaf out of the book of Denmark – when all the Jews were ordered by Nazi occupiers to wear a star the population at large, led by the King, all placed stars on their clothing. Maybe all homeowners should be putting up signs saying Black Lives Matter.

  4. These are not hell’s angels members, they are affiliated with them. They are holding turf for them in case the hell’s angels want to return. They are just local trash.

  5. Several years ago all Nova Scotian schools developed “Say No to Bullying” programs.
    Clearly these programs haven’t worked. I suggest we start something akin to’Respect All” programs.

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