Sawmill River

I’m excited to share my campaigns first video today on a a topic that’s near and dear to me and folks in Dartmouth: The Sawmill River. I was thrilled to be on Council as the first phase of the Sawmill River was daylighted in 2018. The project changed the whole feel of the Canal Greenway and the end of Sullivan’s Pond. It attracted attention from right across the country, including this great piece on the National.

One of my top priorities for the next four years will be to get the Sawmill River to the Harbour. It’s grown to be more than just restoring a river though, it’s environmental, it’s transportation, it’s economic development, and it’s new park spaces. There is a lot wrapped up in the Sawmill. Check it out below

With COVID making campaigning more complicated I’m hoping to do a series of short videos like this one to share pieces of my platform. We all have to get creative in reaching out to people during this campaign. If you like what you see, you can help spread the word. Consider sharing my video on facebook or twitter.


  1. Is the plan still to daylight the Sawmill River section where Irishtown Road currently meets Prince Albert Road? And then close off Irishtown Road?

    • That section is currently the least defined. The working plan is still to close Irishtown Road. That section has the most potential for naturalizing at some of the river bank as it’s the spot where we have the fewest constraints and a relatively wide section of municipal land to work with. For something really great to happen there, HRM will need to bring money to the table because Halifax Water does moving water from A to B. They don’t do pretty! My discussions with staff have been focussed on getting a parks planner formally engaged on it next year.

      • Thank you Councillor. Hopefully HRM will see the value in transforming that section: providing real continuity from Sullivan’s Pond to the downtown core, and encouraging development on the vacant lots by Irishtown / Victoria / Queen.

  2. Hi Sam,
    I fully endorse your determination to continue with Phase Two of the plan to daylight the river and your candidacy for another term on council. As a former environmental biologist, I understand the importance and value of the plan to Dartmouth locally and to the greater area environmentally. This area will become a highly desirable place to live and to visit once this is all completed. Keep going. Good work!

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